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There’s no place we’d rather be

You could be forgiven for thinking that Mother Nature invented summer purely for golf. 

Because let’s face it, there really is nothing like perfecting your swing on a world-class course on a glorious sunny day. Strolling along a beautiful links course with the sea breeze adding an extra challenge, slicing your way through a pristine Parkland course or honing your skills on a championship green, sun beating down – spirits up.

It just doesn’t get much better than that. 

Except when you learn that there is golf nirvana that is home to 32 first class clubs – all in one place! 

That place is Northern Ireland.

While it boasts over 90 golf courses, a staggering 32 golf clubs across this little land have been recognised and awarded for their commitment to providing visitors with the best experience.

That proverbial pat on the back comes in the shape of a Golf Quality & Assurance Award. Look for the Accredited Courses logo and you’ll know you’re onto a good thing.  

When you consider that Northern Ireland is a tiny dot of a place – with an estimated population of just 1.85 million - that’s massively impressive. 

And little wonder then how we produce such amazing world-class golfers.

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Image obtained from: www.niopen.co.uk